In a world full of soaring student debt; why not explore the alternative?

An image of a piggy bank and a blackboard showing student debt is on the rise

I recently conducted a quick search on the definition of the word “alternative” and found the following:

  • (Of one or more things) available as another possibility.
  • Something that is different, esp. from what is usual; a choice.

Years ago, when I was in college, the only way you could earn college credit was by attending classes on campus; paying high tuition and book fees while being required to physically be class at set times on specific days.

Now, there are many opportunities to earn credit outside of the traditional classroom. One of these is by taking online alternative credit courses.

Online courses offered through alternative credit sources like Ed4Credit have been evaluated and recommended for credit by ACE. These courses are cost effective, will meet the needs of almost any learning style, and can easily fit into your life. This type of learning can happen anywhere, anytime – as long as you have an internet connection and device.

Ed4Credit has developed college level course offerings to allow students of all ages to get their General Education courses out of the way and save money at the same time.

These types of courses are not only ideal for the more traditional, active college students, but are also an excellent idea for the non-traditional students; including adults going back to school, home school or high school students.

At Ed4Credit, we believe that those who want a college education, should be able to obtain it without amassing crippling debt. Ed4Credit courses are only $195! Our pricing is much lower than most colleges. The average price for one course at a 4-year university is anywhere between $300 - $1100 per course and that’s not including fees and books. At Ed4Credit, $195 is the total cost. Our courses utilize eTextbooks and include many activities including game-based learning, as well as ancillary materials in the modules and classes to help you learn the subject. We include external links to websites, videos and materials that the student can tap into for enhanced learning and bookmark for future use. With your course, we also provide final exam proctoring as well as online support from an educational consultant.

There are NO membership fees or monthly subscriptions.

Ed4Credit currently offers the following courses:

Ed4Credit Courses

Our courses are competency based and self-directed. Students have 4 months to complete the class and the online format allows them to move through the coursework as quickly or as slowly as they’d like to. Transferring your credits is easy too!

In a world full of soaring student debt; why not explore the alternative? Contact Ed4Credit today to learn how to save money on your college education with us!

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