Secure Your Future: 10 Reasons to Consider Online Healthcare Degrees

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The healthcare industry is the United States' largest employer.

Currently, just over nine percent of all employed adults in the country work in the healthcare field.

If you're interested in a lucrative career with a lot of job security and opportunities for growth, you definitely ought to consider working in healthcare.

You can even earn online healthcare degrees from the comfort of your own home and start your career sooner. 

Not sure if a career in healthcare is right for you? Listed below are ten reasons why you might want to consider earning a bachelor's degree in healthcare.

1. High Demand

More people in the U.S. are employed by the healthcare industry than any other industry. The healthcare field is growing dramatically, too.

This has to do, in part, with the increase in the number of people throughout the country who are suffering from chronic diseases. It's also related to the increase in the number of elderly people in the U.S. who require long-term care.

Four million more jobs are expected to be added to the healthcare industry by the year 2026.

Nearly all areas of the industry are growing, but the need for healthcare support occupations, healthcare practitioners, and technical occupations (home health aides, physician assistants, etc.) is especially significant.

2. Job Security

Thanks to the increased demand for healthcare workers, you can feel confident that your job in the industry will be secure.

The risk of being laid off from a position in the healthcare field is very low, and you can rest assured that people will always need healthcare.

No matter how the economy changes, there are always going to be people who need to go to the doctor and receive medication. 

3. Lots of Options

Some people are under the impression that pursuing a career in healthcare means they have to work as a doctor or a nurse. This definitely isn't the case, though.

There are lots of other careers in the medical field that you can pursue, from working a radiologist or ultrasonographer to working as a hospital administrator or medical coding and billing specialist. Remember, you don't have to work with patients to work in the healthcare industry.

Keep in mind, too, that you can earn a degree for a lot of these positions completely online.

This makes them a viable option for busy folks who don't necessarily have the time or funds needed to attend classes in-person.

4. Make a Difference

The great thing about working in the healthcare industry is the fact that you truly get to make a difference in people's lives.

This is true no matter what kind of healthcare job you choose to pursue.

If you choose a career that allows you to interact with patients, you get to help them feel better and manage their symptoms so they can enjoy a high quality of life.

If you choose a career that takes place behind the scenes, you still get to help people.

For example, you can simplify the billing process, eliminate errors that could make their healthcare more expensive, and ensure they have a positive experience visiting a doctor's office or hospital. 

5. Meet New People

If you're someone who loves to get to know new people on a regular basis, a career in healthcare will allow you to do just that.

Whether you work as a home health aide, a nurse practitioner, or a phlebotomist, you'll have tons of opportunities to meet new folks and learn about them and their lives.

You'll definitely never be bored when you work in the healthcare field!

6. Generous Salary

A bachelor's degree in healthcare is almost a guarantee that you'll earn a great salary.

With the increasing demand for healthcare professionals, you'll have your pick of high-earning positions.

In order to entice new professionals, many doctor's offices and hospitals also offer competitive benefits in addition to a generous salary.

7. Work Anywhere

No matter where you go in the world, there is a need for healthcare workers. If you have to move suddenly, for any reason, you won't have to worry about finding a job in your new location.

There are also lots of opportunities for you to travel as a healthcare professional.

From attending conferences and seminars to completing fellowships and advanced training at various hospitals, you'll be able to see new parts of the country and the world and learn from the very best.

8. Free Educational Opportunities

Once you earn an online healthcare degree and land a job, there will likely be opportunities for you to continue your education for free.

Many hospitals and doctor's offices are willing to pay for their employees to receive master's degrees or additional certifications.

9. Lots of Opportunities for Advancement

Thanks to the high demand for healthcare workers, it's easy to land your dream job in the healthcare field after you've earned your degree.

There are also lots of opportunities for you to rise through the ranks and advance in whichever field you choose.

If you work hard and prove that you can handle new responsibilities, there will always be chances for you to move up.

10. Flexibility

Finally, careers in healthcare can be very flexible.

There are lots of different shifts and schedules available, so you can find a career that fits your lifestyle and ensures you always have time to care for your family and handle your other responsibilities. 

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