Reviewing Your Personal Accomplishments Throughout the Year: A Guide

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Only eight percent of people accomplish their New Year's resolutions. That's a 92 percent failure rate! 

It's almost the new year, and it's time to take a look back at your personal accomplishments. Making sure you take time to think back on what you've achieved can have you feeling energized for the year ahead. Maybe you will be one of the lucky eight percent that achieves your goals in 2019.

We believe in you, and we've got a great guide to show you how to keep track of your personal accomplishments. Let's get started!

Personal Accomplishments: A Year in Review

The first thing you want to do when creating your accomplishment tracker is to decide whether you prefer online or electronic record keeping. Your personal accomplishments are an important part of your self-esteem, resume, and continued progress towards life goals, so many people want to keep them online. That way they're available from anywhere!

Start with Your Wins

The best way to break up a list of your yearly personal accomplishments is to start with objectively good things that have happened. Some examples are: got a raise, bought a house, paid off your car loan, or ran a 5k.


When starting your accomplishment tracker, begin with your career goals. Take a look back at your work calendar, and write down all the good things that happened in chronological order. 

If you got a raise, write that down. If you moved to the corner office, that's also important! For those who are self-employed, find some milestones that you hit over the past year.

Next, focus on your more personal career accomplishments. Have you been speaking up more in meetings? Did your boss congratulate you on a project you've done? 

Keep positive e-mails from bosses, clients, and coworkers - and always recognize yourself for doing your best. Any professional development or new certifications belong on your year-end list, too!

Anything over the past year that deserves a mention, go month by month and write it down. Color code your career accomplishments, and feel free to break it down more by major and minor wins.


Similar to your career, everyone has a few financial milestones each year. Did you start a savings account? Did you stay on budget three months in a row?

Whether you've had a successful year financially or not, it's important to realize that small victories in this area are worth a mention. Pay off a small credit card or personal loan and write it down. If you've gotten a raise or learned how to cut an expense, now is the time to celebrate.

Start in January, and go month by month, logging your financial windfalls. Pat yourself on the back for all the great ways you've supported yourself this year!

Family & Friends

These personal accomplishments are a little harder to track, but if you made a new friend or did something special for your family, you deserve some personal credit at year's end. Maybe you remembered everyone's birthdays or conquered your social anxiety. Maybe you sent your aging grandmother a card.

Whatever you've done for the people you love, it counts as a personal accomplishment! Write it down in your tracker and reflect on ways to improve or continue your streak next year.


One of the most crucial pieces of anyone's life is their physical and mental health. When you are creating your accomplishment tracker, make sure you include goals for your continued longevity.

If you've been working out consistently or eating better, an end of the year review will motivate you to keep going! And if you haven't noticed wins in this area, think about what might be holding you back.

Mental health, too, can offer some big swings during the year. Maintaining a positive outlook on life can be a huge personal accomplishment for some. If you take medication for physical or mental illness, take some time to pat yourself on the back for working towards your health.


This one is often the most fun. For readers, runners, and arts and crafts enthusiasts, tracking your accomplishments in any area of life that enhances your enjoyment can be instrumental in motivating you to reach new heights.

Maybe you like to make Instagram stories, or maybe you're a yoga buff because it makes you feel Zen. Some people work on organizing their belongings or even log their travel.

Every year look around at what brings you true enjoyment in life. Log what happened and why you loved it and think about setting new goals for yourself. Maybe you want to hike a new trail, run an extra mile, or quilt a larger blanket.

If you don't have many hobbies, now's the time to reflect on what you might want to do in the new year.


One of the best ways to enhance your life is to develop your skill set and get educated. Furthering your education is one of the best ways to rock your yearly personal accomplishments.

What have you learned each month, and how will it fit into your life moving forward? Maybe you took a class or got a degree this year. Or maybe you contacted an educational organization about how you can do it next year.

Whatever your educational goals, make sure you list them in your accomplishment tracker. Even reading a book can get you closer to your ultimate goal.

Refine Your Personal Statement

Once you've finished creating your accomplishment tracker, look at all the wonderful things you've done in a year! Congratulations!

After you've appropriately celebrated, it's time to take a look at your personal mission statement. Most of the time, people create these for their careers or education, but it's good to have a personal statement for your entire life, as well.

If having a family or being financially free is important to you, add that into your personal statement. Look at it and refine it every year as you tick off your goals. 

Keep Up the Good Work

For adults, most of life can feel like a rat race. But it's keeping track of your personal accomplishments that can help you realize there's more to it all. You should be proud of all the things you do!

If you're interested in going back to school to finish or further your college education, take some time to think about why and how you want to do this. Take a look at our guide to re-entering college on a budget. Once you get your degree, make sure to add it to your list of amazing accomplishments!

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