Is Marketing a Good Degree?

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One of the biggest decisions you'll make in your college search is figuring out what you want to major in during your college years.

This will help you control your career path by learning and sharpening your skills in the field. One of the degrees you may be interested in learning more about is Marketing if you're pursuing a business career.

But is marketing a good major now and in the future?

Here are several benefits of choosing to major in marketing, and why it can help you in your career regardless of the path you choose to go down.

Is Marketing a Good Major?

Why should you choose Marketing instead of the other majors? Keep reading below to find out!

It's a Business Degree at Its Core

Make no mistake about it, even though the title is "Marketing", a Marketing major is a Business degree first and foremost.

Even if you decide after graduating that Marketing isn't a career path you'd like to pursue, you still have what's called a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree with your name on it.

This means that you can apply for corporate jobs in several different titles unrelated to marketing and have the experience to back it up (more on that in a moment.)

In other words, you won't be pigeonholed to only having knowledge on marketing-related topics. You'll learn a variety of business-related topics and phrases that will apply to whatever career path you choose.

Even if you don't see yourself in a position such as advertising, copywriting, or content creation down the line, a marketing degree still holds tremendous value for your future!

It Sharpens Your Decision Making

Unfamiliarity breeds indecisiveness. In other words, having to make a decision in an area that you don't have previous experience in can be almost impossible.

Majoring in marketing will throw you into several different instances where you can dip your feet and begin understanding the thought process behind certain situations.

More than that, a marketing degree teaches you a "read and react" approach to decisions.

Basically, it will teach you how to appropriately research and analyze data, how to interpret the data, and then teach you how to decide what avenue to take based on the research you found.

A marketing degree won't teach you WHAT to do in certain instances, it will teach you HOW to decide the action you should take, which will pay dividends in the real world.

It's an All-Encompassing Degree

Contrary to what you might believe, majoring in marketing doesn't mean you'll be locked in a classroom for 4 years learning only about marketing; it doesn't work that way.

Marketing is the business of promoting and advertising products through research and analysis. 

That means that in order to promote in the business world, you must understand the business world.

During your college years studying marketing you'll take classes that range everywhere from accounting to strategic planning, public relations, and everything in between.

Few majors will have you more prepared to take on more responsibility than in your full-time job description (which happens with any job) once you start your career.

If you're the type of person that wants to learn as much as possible and cover all your bases at the same time, marketing is the perfect fit for you!

You'll Learn to Think like a Consumer

If the career path you're hoping to go down has anything to do with sales, retail, or business in general, you'll need to understand your customers.

Those that graduate with a marketing major have a firm grasp of the way a consumer thinks and has the tools to adjust their advertising to fit that mold.

Gathering a bunch of data and research on market trends is useless if you don't know how to interpret that into what consumers are looking for. 

The consumer's interests are constantly changing, it takes someone with a marketing background to be able to read their minds and suggest what actions their business takes to capitalize.

No Shortage of Career Options for You

Because you're learning several different aspects of business through a marketing major, you qualify as a valuable asset to most departments in a business.

You may find that a path unwinds for you in your four college careers.

Maybe you're taking an accounting class and are really passionate about it, or you've fallen in love with the strategy behind time management; you can adjust your career plans around the passions you find while learning.

No one wants to back themselves into a corner when selecting their major... what if it isn't what you thought it was? A marketing major allows you to learn different business tactics and see which ones fit you best.

Choose the Best Degree for You

Is marketing a good major? The answer is yes!

That said, it never hurts to have options. Make sure to do research on topics that interest you and filter them down as you take your college tours.

Which majors line up best with the colleges you're interested in? Which colleges have the major you're interested in? You'll start to see which ones are the best fit for you.

Be sure to check out this article on choosing the best business degree for a broad scope at the different options you have to choose from.

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