Are Alternative Credits for Me?

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Reports show that from the fall of 2016 to the fall of 2017, the number of all students who took at least some of their courses online grew by more than 350,000.

Online college courses are a great way for students to save money and get the college credits they need to graduate. While students enrolled in colleges and universities are already taking advantage of this type of learning, this option is also ideal for high school students who want to get a jump start on earning college credits, as well as for adults who might have put their college career on hold.

Self-paced online courses or alternative credits allow for more flexibility and freedom to obtain college credits and degrees. Self-paced online courses fit into your schedule. You can work your learning around other demands on your time and not have to worry about losing income if you are a working adult. Equally as important (or maybe more so); this option also allows you to save money while you earn college credits at a fraction of the cost.

Some providers do better than others at meeting the needs of non-traditional students who may be young and inexperienced or who may be juggling demands of work and family while earning college credits. When exploring alternative credit options, it’s important to determine what the provider has to offer.

1. What support will you provide me? 

Taking self-directed online courses can seem impersonal and make you feel like you are on your own. Ed4Credit prides themselves with providing exceptional student support in a variety of ways. Ed4Credit courses come with the following benefits:

  • Enrollment Counselor – need help deciding on a class? Click on the live chat on our website or call us at (727) 824-7800 ext. 4
  • Technical Support – submit a support ticket should you have an IT issue
  • Registrar – message the registrar if there is a question about a class

2. How much can I save?

Ed4Credit courses are only $195! Our pricing is much lower than most colleges. The average price for one course at a 4-year university is anywhere between $300 - $1100 per course and that’s not including fees and books. There are NO membership fees or monthly subscriptions with Ed4Credit either.

What’s included in the price? Ed4Credit offers the following:

  • Zero application fees
  • Portable eTextbooks (except science lab kits)
  • Interactive classroom activities
  • External information for enhanced learning
  • Final exam proctoring
  • Online support from educational consultant

3. Will my credits transfer?

Ed4Credit courses are recommended by ACE (American Council on Education) and over 2,000 colleges and universities accept ACE CREDIT® recommended courses. View the list of college partners here.

4. Do you offer career services? 

Nontraditional students are often coming to school to improve job prospects and for a resume boost. Ed4Credit offers an Online Student Center & Career Coach included with your course. You will find this to be a great additional resource for your educational journey.

The team at Ed4Credit understands the importance of education. If you are a high school student trying to get a jump start on earning college credits, or if life circumstances prevented you from pursuing your education in the past, we believe that going back to school is something anyone can do at any time.

Ed4Credit offers a completely affordable opportunity for students to start their evolution through education. We hope that our high-quality classes can assist you in successfully completing your college degree.

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