About Us

About ED4Credit

Our Vision: Ed4Credit is making the dream of a college education affordable!

Our Mission: Ed4Credit assists students in achieving their dream of getting a college degree. People should be encouraged, not discouraged, to pursue a college degree and find academic success. Our aim is to assist people through higher education by providing a high-quality, low-cost, college-level curriculum.

Many students dream of going to college, but college fees that escalate each year at an alarming rate make it impossible for them to start, let alone complete the four years of university. Ed4Credit provides a solution to this problem by offering an affordable opportunity for students to start or continue their college degree.

Ed4Credit ensures that high-quality education is available to all at very affordable prices. We want to foster the growth of talented, creative, skilled, and educated individuals who can best serve their community and enhance its positive and upward growth.
Making College More Affordable!