8 College Life Hacks to Get You Through to Summer

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Millions of smart Americans attend college at various points in their lives. Four years of your life is dedicated to ending up with a degree in hand.

The spring semester can be rough, especially with fun summer plans with friends to think about!

Read our top college life hacks, from jazzing up your living quarters to enjoying time off during spring break, to get you through spring and on to that break you deserve.

The Top College Life Hacks

Adjust and adapt to college life using these incredible hacks:

1. Redecorate Your Space

If there's one of the best college life hacks out there, it's redecorating your room. Search online through Pinterest for some tips on DIYing aspects of your dorm bedroom or even the bathroom to add some personality to an otherwise dull space.

Changing out the curtains the hang in your bedroom or investing in a new light fixture could bring a sense of character to your humble abode.

You can even go to thrift stores such as Goodwill to find some inexpensive objects to place around your room to stick to a budget.

Redecorating your space is yet another of the best college life hacks because it's a simple yet effective approach to getting you to summer.

You can focus on enhancing your current living space by sprucing up where you live with a couple of exciting new items.

Talk to your roomies if you live with more than one person to collaborate on changing the place up a bit together to save on the total cost of revamping your home, too.

There's nothing quite like a roommate bonding activity to make you grow closer!

2. Creative Dorm Tips for Cooking Food

Are you always lounging out in your dorm room during meals?

If you don't have a meal plan and are unable to stomach the food found in the dining hall, consider testing out these cooking college life hacks the next time you feel hungry.

All you need to boil water for meals is an iron.

Simply plug in your portable iron that has probably never made a formal appearance out the box since you moved away to college and grab your favorite ceramic mug.

You can cook as if you had a stovetop using your portable iron!

The steam from the iron will cook virtually anything you place in your ceramic mug, from ramen to hot tea. You can even cook a lunch meal for you and your roommate to save major money while away attending school.

3. Change Over Your Closet

Another way to get to summer is to change your wardrobe in anticipation of the new warmer months ahead.

After experiencing a long winter, especially if you live in a seriously cold climate, there's no greater feeling that breaking out your broken-in denim shorts and favorite tees.

It's also an opportunity to go through your closet and find old clothes that you no longer wear. Be sure to either donate these old clothes to a woman's shelter or sell them to popular resale stores, such as Plato's Closet.

Try on jeans and sweaters to see if they still fit you. If not, add them to a donate pile in your room or consider giving them away to your roommates.

An organizational method of figuring out what clothes you love and which ones you can live without will be essential in your life to get you to summer.

4. DIY A Calendar Board

Another fun activity to do with some college friends is to make DIY projects. You can take an idea, such as a calendar board, and incorporate your schedule into the mix using dry erase markers.

How do you make a calendar board? The process going a little like this:

First, gather your materials. You can purchase a large glass photo frame and take out the standard photo it comes in next.

Then, download an image or background you love and print out to match the size of the glass photo frame.

Insert this new background into the frame to act as your calendar. Draw lines separating each day of the week with the correct date to track your weekly schedule as a student.

Not only can this project be done in a matter of hours, but it can be interchangeable, too. You can download new cute backgrounds with the changing semesters!

5. Plan a Shopping Trip with Amazing Savings

As a college student, your ID card cannot just be used to swipe into the dining hall or library. That card can give you serious student discounts at some of your favorite stores to shop at.

From hot stores like J. Crew to Kate Spade to even some popular restaurants, pulling out your student ID can save you 10-15% off each time you shop.

Make sure to have your ID with you at all times to benefit from these amazing savings. Living the college life on a budget is possible if you consider using your ID as yet another one of our best college life hacks to get you through to summer.

6. Make Friends in Your Spring Classes

While attending your spring classes, be on the lookout for potential new faces to call friends.

Keep an eye on the students who ask a lot of questions and seem to understand the material.

These hardworking students can not only become close friends, but they can assist you in any trouble you may experience while studying for upcoming exams.

7. College Life Hacks for Acing Exams? Record Lectures

Looking for another way to breeze through a hard class and wind up free for the summer with an A in the course?

Be sure to ace any difficult classes by recording your professor's lectures every single day. Purchase a recording device and set it up on your desk.

You can use this device to your advantage when studying the material for impending exams down the line.

It's also a neat concept to listen to your professor explain the lecture a few more times with the power of a recording device.

8. Color Coding

While taking notes for a class, use certain colored pens to identify the course by color.

If you have a math class, for example, use a blue gel pen to write down all of your equations. You can visualize the equations you've completed once it comes to test time, too.

For English class, use a fun orange pen to write down notes about a certain author. Identifying your courses by color is yet another fun and easy way to get through to the exciting summer planned in the future after you pass all of these important classes!

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