6 Ways to Make Money While You are in School

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Being a college student can be stressful. Finding work that fits around a school schedule can be even more so! The good news is that there are ways for students to earn some extra cash - while having the freedom to work for themselves and the ability to schedule their own time.

1.  Child care – if you love kids, this type of work can be very rewarding. You can babysit in other’s homes, get hired as a nanny, work in a day care or preschool setting, or work as an after-school attendant at the local elementary school – there are many opportunities! Want to go the extra mile and increase your earning potential? Take online training courses and seek out certification as a Certified Child Care Worker. 

2.  Become a Tutor – if you are good at math, science, English or a foreign language, other students will pay for you to tutor them. In-person or online tutors are in demand for students of all ages, from elementary school to college.

3.  Sell Jewelry – Join the team, purchase a low-cost starter kit and invite your friends to shop in person or on Facebook and earn a commission for every accessory you sell. Companies such as Paparazzi offer accessories that are great looking and only $5 for each piece. 

4.  Beauty Sales – Sign up as a beauty consultant with companies like Mary Kay and Avon and earn a percentage of every sale. Both companies offer training and support for representatives, in addition to other perks.

5.  Health Care Products – if you are health oriented there are a number of ways to sell healthcare products to like-minded individuals online and in person! Sign up with a company that offers high quality nutritional supplements and “green” home cleaning products and help others while you are helping yourself.

6.  Freelance – If you are good at something; social media marketing, photography, writing blogs, etc. consider freelancing. Companies such as Upwork, Fiverr, Airtasker and Growth Geeks provide freelancers with a marketplace to promote their talents.

These were just a few suggestions to get you thinking – there are many more jobs that will allow you to fit work in around your schedule (classes, family, fun, etc.). Looking for more ideas? Check out this blog here

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