5 Compelling Reasons to Go Back to School

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Making a plan and seeing it through represents one of the hardest tasks of adult life. No matter how much you want your plans to succeed, they rarely do. It would be great if there was some enchantment that made everything you set out to work just because you wanted it to.

Lacking a magic wishing pool, you have to settle for making plans that have a higher chance of failing than succeeding. For those with an intention to go back to school, plans might as well be wishes. 

The struggle is real when trying to return to school to continue or complete an education. But this is the digital age of advanced communication technology. It's a lot easier to get classwork in than you might expect.

Read on to learn why you should score some credits and how easy it is to make a plan that betters your life.

Go Back to School Now

Looking at the reasons to return to school, you'll find a mixture of benefits. These range from benefits to yourself, to your family, and motivation to get there.

It's one thing to see why you should get going, it's another to understand how to make it happen. Sometimes seeing a solid path does more to get you there than any number of reasons to start that journey.

1. For Career Opportunities

Getting into a career, advancing in that career, and choosing a career over a job are the trifecta of motivation. This is the primary carrot of reasons why you should go to college.

A college education offers more than knowledge of a field. It also provides lessons in time management and discipline needed for a career.

Increasingly, the fostering of soft-skills has become a focus of business. Schools focus on your abilities to solve problems and navigate tricky situations.

Returning to school later in life intensifies the learning of these lessons. You basically need to prove you have the most vital soft-skills to juggle life and school. It's tough, but it also sends a clear message to HR departments that you can get things done.

2. To Set a Family Example

Getting through a degree isn't just important for a career, it echoes forward for your family. The success of immediate family and future generations is strongly affected by one person's ability to finish schooling.

This is one of the most understated reasons why college is important.

Decades of poll data show that 80 percent of students with degree-holding parents succeed in school. This is in comparison to 29 percent for those without either parent holding a degree. 

The explanation behind this stark contrast in stats starts with a general understanding of effort. Those who have not completed an educational step, any educational step, are more likely to devalue the difficulty of it.

This devaluation affects both the motivation of those that try and overemphasizes setbacks while minimizing accomplishments. Truly, it takes a lot of knowledge to know what you still need to learn

3. For Financial Freedom

One of the most well-trodden reasons not to go to school is the cost. School costs time, money, and effort to produce a result. 

People point to certain degrees as being low-paying or seeming more for self-aggrandizement than applying to a practical workforce.

Those same people also know and recognize the value of experience.

The longer you've been with a company, the more you expect to be paid. So too is the relationship between degree levels and earning potential. The further into a field you go, the more you will make over those with lesser degrees. 

It doesn't matter that earning potential from one field to another is different, experience still counts. Nothing exemplifies or provides as much experience as education.

To get more money out of your career, you need to know more than the people you compete against and work with.

Learning how to manage time and money during your journey through education also enables you to get more done with the same amount of time. Everyone lives the same day, but some know how to get the most out of it.

4. Because It's Time

It's no longer such a chore to get back into a degree. Modern communication technology and classroom curriculums provide better at-will learning.

The idea of a night school, where you drive to an empty campus and sit with a few other hopeful returners, is gone. Online classwork lets you engage with the material whenever you have time in the day and doesn't cost you a commute. 

For those with a longer commute that use public transportation, a trip to and from work becomes class time. 

Look for an intuitive program. One that offers the courses you need, in a format you enjoy, and transfers credits easily. 

Ask yourself, if you could finish a degree, build extra skills, or start a new program without losing any time, why wouldn't you?

5. For Yourself

The best reason to return to an educational program is that you're worth it. You deserve to be the better you.

You also deserve to have confidence and believe it yourself. Too often at work, we live with an idea that we aren't good enough, or have been hired by accident.

Getting through a set of classes and enjoying that positive feedback of advancement in one area makes it easier to accept it in another. Fight the imposter in yourself by finding more avenues of feedback.

Why settle for what you find yourself doing when you can invest in yourself and do what you want. Providing for your life --and the lives of those around you-- is noble. 

Providing for yourself and doing what you enjoy with confidence may not be magic, but it certainly lets you feel like you are. 

Onward and Upward

You don't live in a world of certainty, but your odds are pretty good to get what you want. Take that bet on yourself and go back to school now. There are so many benefits, so many avenues of opportunity, and too much aide to pass it up.

Contact us for more information on how to get started accruing credits now. 


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