15 Benefits of High School Homeschooling

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Did you know that there are over 2.3 million students undertaking home education in the U.S.?

If anything, these numbers keep rising every year, which confirms that this age-old traditional educational practice has moved from being the cutting edge and "alternative" to now bordering on the mainstream.

More and more people are starting to appreciate the pros of homeschooling. And demographically, a wide variety of students attend high school home education.

These are Christians, atheists, Mormons; libertarians, liberals, conservatives; high-, middle-, low- income families; white, black, Hispanic; parents with GEDs to PhDs.

Here are some of the benefits that attract all these people:

1. Flexible Schedule

This is one of the major benefits of homeschooling in high school because students no longer have to follow a monotonous learning routine.

In other words, both adults and teenagers who try to juggle work, high school studies, and other responsibilities can learn without straining their schedules.

Yes, online high schooling makes it possible to study in the evenings or even on certain days.

2. Study as You Wish

The learning flexibility in homeschooling comes with another benefit- you can study at your own pace.

Thus, students who are slower don’t have to worry about getting left behind by the rest of the class anymore. On the other hand, those who prefer a faster pace can learn as they wish and earn that high school diploma ahead of schedule.

3. You Can Determine the Curriculum

Another advantage of home education is that your interests can drive the course planning.

While courses like geometry and algebra can be non-negotiable, there are other areas with room to follow yours or your child’s interests.

For instance, lab sciences don’t have to mean only chemistry and biology, whereas history can encompass more than just generic world and U.S history classes.

4. Learning is Fun

When you allow students to pursue their interests, they’ll become more motivated to learn every day and achieve higher levels of study.

What’s more, homeschooling even allows you to study in your PJs and the food will always be better than what you get at any institution.

5. There’s No Bullying

Did you know that 28 percent of students in the U.S. report getting bullied?

Luckily, with home education, your child will not only avoid bullying, but also peer pressure, drugs, and alcohol.

6. Stronger Bonds Between Parents and Children

One amazing thing about getting homeschooled in high school is that you get to spend much-needed quality time with your parents.

This comes in the form of field trips to the museum, historical sites, and any other point of interest.

7. Opportunity to Study in a Way that Suits Your Needs

Some learn better in a quiet environment, while others simply thrive with stimuli like background music.

Homeschooling enables you to identify your most preferred learning environment and tailor your studies according to those needs.

8. More Class Option

Most online high school courses offer more class options than conventional ones because they aren’t limited in terms of teachers and classrooms.

Therefore, students looking to take more than just general classes can benefit immensely from homeschooling. There even online schools offering AP and advanced classes as well as other specializations.

But you’ll need these tips if you’re to maximize your online learning experience.

9. Fewer Distractions

Since your child will not be studying in a traditional school environment, he or she will avert the negative distractions that often affect teenagers.

These include difficulties with classmates and mean teachers, as well as worrying about being popular or labeled.

10. Enough Sleep

Studies show that teenagers need two to three more hours of sleep than adults every day because they have a different circadian rhythm.

This means that teens should stay up late and wake up after eight to ten hours of sleep.

And it’s only homeschooling that can guarantee such a routine as your teens can tackle schoolwork when they are most productive, instead of getting forced to operate against their natural rhythms.

11. Abundant Resources

With the internet, you have a massive wealth of information at your disposal.

The best part is that your income doesn’t limit learning thanks to numerous frugal and free options for high school homeschooling.

Also, there’s a myriad of private lessons, dual enrollment, and online classes options for those with extensive resources.

12. Real- World Application Opportunities

This is one of the most significant advantages of homeschooling.

Teenagers can supplement their curriculum with work, an apprenticeship, or training to graduate a step ahead of their peers. It can be anything from first aid, electrical works, hairdressing, or even lifeguard duties.

13. Consistent and Integrated Education

Because your high school learning process gets managed by one person for a long time, the education becomes consistent, with each topic taught integrating seamlessly with those taught previously.

Also, since a homeschool teacher understands a student’s background and learning experience, he or she can use that knowledge to create future educational activities.

14. Excellent Teacher-to-Student Ratio

Teacher-to-student ration is a crucial factor that determines the effectiveness of your child’s high school education.

If a single teacher is responsible for too many students, which is commonplace in most public institutions, there’s a high chance that he or she won’t be sufficiently dedicated.

Additionally, the degree of connection between the teacher and student is way higher in-home schools compared to traditional institutions.

15. The Small Joys

On top of all the above benefits, your child also gets to enjoy:

Schooling with Like-Minded Friends

In as much as so many people assume that homeschooled kids study in isolation, the reality is far from the truth.

With so many students homeschooling today, you have the opportunity to study with your peers in a classroom settling style, albeit at home.

No Busywork

Even if students who homeschool have homework, they can finish it before extracurricular activities like dance and sports. In traditional schools, would have to rush home after such activities and clear homework before bed.

Stress-Free Mornings

As a parent, you don’t have to go through the typical morning rush to prepare your kid for school.

Utilize the Pros of Homeschooling

In as much as the pros of homeschooling may sound like music to your ears, it can also have drawbacks, all dependent on your lifestyle. Nonetheless, it’s definitely a worthwhile system for people to incorporate.

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