10 Useful Apps & Websites to Make College Life Easier

10 Useful Apps & Websites to Make College Life Easier

10 Useful Apps & Websites to Make College Life Easier

There is a huge selection of websites and apps for students to choose from and some can be quite helpful for keeping a student organized and on task.  Below are ten apps and websites that we think are fun and useful!

1. Any.do

Winner of Apple's Intuitive Touch Award and Android's Best App, Any.do allows you to make and review a checklist of daily tasks and then sends you reminders when those tasks need to be accomplished.

2. College Tips

College Tips is an online college survival guide for college students that contains advice, resources, and tips for surviving college written by college students themselves.


With FlLVTO, students are afforded an easy way to listen to video presentations on the go, even when they don’t have Wi-Fi access. 

4. Ice Cream Apps

Ice Cream Apps provides students the software to take care of tasks like capturing screenshots, converting video formats, making slideshows and all kinds of things that a college students’ coursework may require.


IFTTT (If This, Then That) acts a personal, virtual “assistant” that allows you to create “recipes” (Do and If) for your smartphone.  “DO” Recipes run with just a tap and enable you to create your own personalized Button, Camera, and Notepad. For example, you can turn on or off your lights with a tap of a button! “IF” Recipes run automatically in the background. Create powerful connections with one simple statement — if this, then that. For example ”If I post a picture on Instagram, then download it to Dropbox.”

6. Mint

Mint helps you get financially organized.

7. OpenStudy

The OpenStudy community is full of people just like you. Use OpenStudy to meet other like-minded college students to study along with.  Have a question on a topic? Get an explanation from someone fast.

8.  Freedom

It’s just so easy to get distracted by interesting news and articles when you’re supposed to be studying. Turn Freedom on, tell Freedom how long you'd like to focus, and you're offline and able to work. But don’t worry - if you need to cheat and get back online, you can simply reboot.

9. Slack

Slack is “on a mission to make your working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive.”  The website integrates with DropBox, and can be used by study groups and project partners with open, efficient communication.

10. Study Blue

StudyBlue is a collaborative learning ecosystem that empowers learners to master any subject. Students can connect with others through a shared library of more than 250+ million pieces of user-generated content. With Study Blue, college students can use the convenient service to make flashcards that help them create notes online as well as create formal study guides without going through piles of text.

By Kris Powers

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